fix(ras): trap "RAS error record" accesses only for NS

RAS_TRAP_LOWER_EL_ERR_ACCESS was used to prevent access to RAS error
record registers (RAS ERR* & RAS ERX*) from lower EL's in any security
state. To give more fine grain control per world basis re-purpose this
macro to RAS_TRAP_NS_ERR_REC_ACCESS, which will enable the trap only
if Error record registers are accessed from NS.
This will also help in future scenarios when RAS handling(in Firmware
first handling paradigm)can be offloaded to a secure partition.

This is first patch in series to refactor RAS framework in TF-A.

Signed-off-by: Manish Pandey <>
Change-Id: Ifa7f60bc8c82c9960adf029001bc36c443016d5d
5 files changed