feat(plat/fvp): pass Event Log addr and size from BL1 to BL2

Introduced functions to set and get Event log information
(tpm_event_log address and its size).

In FVP platform case, measured boot with Event Log backend flow
work as below
1. event_log_init function called by BL1 to initialize Event Log
2. arm_set_tb_fw_info function called by BL1 to set the
   'tpm_event_log_addr' and 'tpm_event_log_size' properties
   in tb_fw_config
3. arm_get_tb_fw_info function called by BL2 to get tpm Event Log
   parameters set by BL1. These parameters used by the BL2 to
   extend the tpm Event Log records, and use these parameters
   to initialize Event Log using event_log_init function
4. arm_set_nt_fw_info and arm_set_tos_fw_info function called by
   BL2 to set 'tpm_event_log' address and its size properties in
   nt_fw_config and tos_fw_config respectively

Alongside, this patch created a separate instances of plat_mboot_init
and plat_mboot_finish APIs for BL1 and BL2.

This patch is tested using the existing measured boot test configuration
in jenkins CI.

Change-Id: Ib9eca092afe580df014541c937868f921dff9c37
Signed-off-by: Manish V Badarkhe <Manish.Badarkhe@arm.com>
4 files changed