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Trusted Firmware-A Documentation Contents
This document serves as a list of the documentation that is included with the
Trusted Firmware-A source.
`About Trusted Firmware-A`_
Getting Started
`Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)`_
`Image Terminology`_
`Porting Guide`_
`User Guide`_
`Coding Style and Guidelines`_
`Contributor Acknowledgements`_
`Contributor's Guide`_
Processes and Policies
`Platform Compatibility Policy`_
`Release Processes`_
Secure Payload Dispatch
`OP-TEE Dispatcher`_
`Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) Dispatcher`_
`Trusty Dispatcher`_
System Design and Components
`Arm CPU Specific Build Macros`_
`Arm SiP Services`_
`Authentication Framework & Chain of Trust`_
`CPU Reset`_
`EL3 Runtime Service Writer’s Guide`_
`Exception Handling Framework`_
`Firmware Design Overview`_
`Firmware Update (FWU)`_
`Interrupt Management Framework`_
`Library at ROM`_
`Platform Interrupt Controller API`_
`PSCI Library Integration Guide for Armv8-A AArch32 systems`_
`PSCI Power Domain Tree design`_
`Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) Extensions`_
`Secure Partition Manager`_
`Software Delegated Exception Interface`_
`Translation (XLAT) Tables Library`_
`Trusted Board Boot Design Guide`_
Performance and Testing
`PSCI Performance Measurements on Arm Juno Development Platform`_
Security and Advisories
`Security Processes`_
Other Documents
`Change Log`_
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.. _Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ): ./frequently-asked-questions.rst
.. _Image Terminology: ./image-terminology.rst
.. _Porting Guide: ./porting-guide.rst
.. _User Guide: ./user-guide.rst
.. _Coding Style and Guidelines: ./coding-guidelines.rst
.. _Contributor Acknowledgements: ../acknowledgements.rst
.. _`Contributor's Guide`: ../contributing.rst
.. _License: ../license.rst
.. _Maintainers: ../maintainers.rst
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.. _Release Processes: ./release-information.rst
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.. _Firmware Update (FWU): ./firmware-update.rst
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.. _Library at ROM: ./romlib-design.rst
.. _Platform Interrupt Controller API: ./platform-interrupt-controller-API.rst
.. _`Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) Extensions`: ./ras.rst
.. _Secure Partition Manager: ./secure-partition-manager-design.rst
.. _Software Delegated Exception Interface: ./sdei.rst
.. _Translation (XLAT) Tables Library: ./xlat-tables-lib-v2-design.rst
.. _OP-TEE Dispatcher: ./spd/optee-dispatcher.rst
.. _Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) Dispatcher: ./spd/tlk-dispatcher.rst
.. _Trusty Dispatcher: ./spd/trusty-dispatcher.rst
.. _Arm CPU Specific Build Macros: ./cpu-specific-build-macros.rst
.. _`Authentication Framework & Chain of Trust`: ./auth-framework.rst
.. _CPU Reset: ./reset-design.rst
.. _`EL3 Runtime Service Writer’s Guide`: ./rt-svc-writers-guide.rst
.. _Firmware Design Overview: ./firmware-design.rst
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.. _TFV-2: ./security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-2.rst
.. _TFV-3: ./security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-3.rst
.. _TFV-4: ./security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-4.rst
.. _TFV-5: ./security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-5.rst
.. _TFV-6: ./security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-6.rst
.. _TFV-7: ./security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-7.rst
.. _TFV-8: ./security_advisories/security-advisory-tfv-8.rst