feat: pass SMCCCv1.3 SVE hint bit to dispatchers

SMCCCv1.3 introduces the SVE hint bit added to the SMC FID (bit 16)
denoting that the world issuing an SMC doesn't expect the callee to
preserve the SVE state (FFR, predicates, Zn vector bits greater than
127). Update the generic SMC handler to copy the SVE hint bit state
to SMC flags and mask out the bit by default for the services called
by the standard dispatcher. It is permitted by the SMCCC standard to
ignore the bit as long as the SVE state is preserved. In any case a
callee must preserve the NEON state (FPCR/FPSR, Vn 128b vectors)
whichever the SVE hint bit state.

Signed-off-by: Olivier Deprez <olivier.deprez@arm.com>
Change-Id: I2b163ed83dc311b8f81f96b23c942829ae9fa1b5
3 files changed