fix(scmi): relax requirement for exact protocol version

Currently, for the supported SCMI protocols, the version returned by the SCMI
platform agent must be exactly matching the driver's version (major version).

The recent change for the required version of Power Domain protocol means that
the platform must return version 2.0. This can be however a limitation in some
cases, where a SCMI-v1.0 platform can still be considered compatible with the
driver supported in firmware.

Relax the protocol version requirement such that any version older than the
one supported by the drivers can still be compatible.

Note: For now this has effect only on Power Domain protocol, as the other
drivers still require the "base" version 1.0.

Signed-off-by: Nicola Mazzucato <>
Change-Id: I310ae1869c2e952991a8d733f394029ab64087bf
1 file changed