fix(arm_fpga): Change PL011 UART IRQ

About a year ago there was a change in the underlying Arm platform design
framework, which lead to a reorganisation of the interrupt map (to make
room for multi-chip designs).

This lead to the PL011 debug UART interrupt to move from SPI 115 to SPI
415. Unfortunately there is not a good or easy way to auto-detect this
change: Flooding the TX FIFO and checking GICD_ISPENDR registers might
be possible, but sounds a bit over the top for BL31.

So we would need to break one group of images: newer ones, as we do right
now, or older ones.
By now every interesting FPGA image seems to use the newer IRQ, so in
the interest of having a smooth experience for most users, lets switch
to this IRQ.

When people are interested in older images, they can either change the
number back in the .dts file, or provide a patched DTB on the FPGA
command line.

Change-Id: I3c7e7b711f5142813bd94eecde3095a4fc555bb3
Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <>
1 file changed