fix(plat/rcar3): generate two memory nodes for larger than 2 GiB channel 0

The DRAM channel 0 memory area in 32bit space is limited to 2 GiB window.
Furthermore, the first 128 MiB of this memory window are reserved and not
accessible by the system software, hence the 32bit area memory node is
limited to range 0x4800_0000..0xbfff_ffff.

In case there are more than 2 GiB of DRAM populated in channel 0, it is
necessary to generate two memory nodes, once covering the 2 GiB - 128 MiB
area in the 32bit space, and another covering the rest of the memory in
64bit space. This patch implements handling of such a case.

Signed-off-by: Marek Vasut <>
Change-Id: I3495241fb938e355352e817afaca8f01d04c81d2
1 file changed