feat(tc): add delegated attest and measurement tests

This patch adds Delegated Attestation and Measured Boot tests to the
plat/arm/board/tc platform.
The test suite can be activated by adding the build time option
`PLATFORM_TEST=1` to the make command. In this case the boot sequence is
not finished, plat_error_handler is called after the tests are run
(regardless of the test result.)

The actual test code is coming from the Trusted-Firmware-M project. Some
of the files of the tf-m-tests and tf-m-extras repo are linked to the
BL31 image.

Versions used for testing:

https: //git.trustedfirmware.org/TF-M/tf-m-extras

Change-Id: I98f0f5f760a39d2d7e0dd11d33663ddb75f0b6fc
Signed-off-by: Mate Toth-Pal <mate.toth-pal@arm.com>
11 files changed