feat(gic600ae): introduce support for Fault Management Unit

The FMU is part of the GIC Distributor (GICD) component. It implements
the following functionality in GIC-600AE:

* Provides software the means to enable or disable a Safety Mechanism
  within a GIC block.
* Receives error signaling from all Safety Mechanisms within other GIC
* Maintains error records for each GIC block, for software inspection
  and provides information on the source of the error.
* Retains error records across functional reset.
* Enables software error recovery testing by providing error injection
  capabilities in a Safety Mechanism.

This patch introduces support to enable error detection for all safety
mechanisms provided by the FMU. Platforms are expected to invoke the
initialization function during cold boot.

The support for the FMU is guarded by the GICV3_SUPPORT_GIC600AE_FMU
makefile variable. The default value of this variable is '0'.

Change-Id: I421c3d059624ddefd174cb1140a2d2a2296be0c6
Signed-off-by: Varun Wadekar <vwadekar@nvidia.com>
5 files changed