Merge changes from topic "stm32mp13" into integration

* changes:
  feat(stm32mp1): select platform compilation either by flag or DT
  feat(stm32mp1-fdts): add support for STM32MP13 DK board
  feat(stm32mp1-fdts): add DDR support for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1-fdts): add st-io_policies node for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): updates for STM32MP13 device tree compilation
  feat(stm32mp1-fdts): add DT files for STM32MP13
  feat(dt-bindings): add TZC400 bindings for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): add "Boot mode" management for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): manage HSLV on STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): add sdmmc compatible in platform define
  feat(st-sdmmc2): allow compatible to be defined in platform code
  feat(stm32mp1): update IO compensation on STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): call pmic_voltages_init() in platform init
  feat(st-pmic): add pmic_voltages_init() function
  feat(stm32mp1): update CFG0 OTP for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): usb descriptor update for STM32MP13
  feat(st-clock): add clock driver for STM32MP13
  feat(dt-bindings): add bindings for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): get CPU info from SYSCFG on STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): use only one filter for TZC400 on STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): add a second fixed regulator
  feat(stm32mp1): adaptations for STM32MP13 image header
  feat(stm32mp1): update boot API for header v2.0
  feat(stm32mp1): update IP addresses for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): add part numbers for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): chip rev. Z is 0x1001 on STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): update BACKUP_BOOT_MODE for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): stm32mp_is_single_core() for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): remove unsupported features on STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): update memory mapping for STM32MP13
  feat(stm32mp1): introduce new flag for STM32MP13
  feat(st): update stm32image tool for header v2