fix(plat/marvell/a3k): disable HANDLE_EA_EL3_FIRST by default

It was enabled in commit 3c7dcdac5c50 ("marvell/a3700: Prevent SError
accessing PCIe link while it is down") with a workaround for a bug found
in U-Boot and Linux kernel driver pci-aardvark.c (PCIe controller driver
for Armada 37xx SoC) which results in SError interrupt caused by AXI
SLVERR on external access (syndrome 0xbf000002) and immediate kernel

Now when proper patches are in both U-Boot and Linux kernel projects,
this workaround in TF-A should not have to be enabled by default
anymore as it has unwanted side effects like propagating all external
aborts, including non-fatal/correctable into EL3 and making them as
fatal which cause immediate abort.

Add documentation for HANDLE_EA_EL3_FIRST build option into Marvell
Armada build section.

Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <>
Change-Id: Ic92b65bf9923505ab682830afb66c2f6cec70491
3 files changed