fix(versal-net): populate gic v3 rdist data statically

Currently gicv3_rdistif_probe() is called per CPU. In case of maxcpus=1,
only 1 core is initialized and gicr_base_addrs initialized for CPU 0
only. Because of this assertion is raised during Linux system suspend.

During Linux suspend, platform callback saves GIC v3 state which
internally invokes arm_gicv3_distif_pre_save(). This function tries to use
gicr_base for all CPUs. Since GICR base address for secondary CPUs are not
initialized, it raises assertion.

To fix the issue, populate GIC v3 rdist data statically (similar to Versal)
instead of dynamically initializing GIC v3 rdist per CPU.

Signed-off-by: Jay Buddhabhatti <>
Change-Id: I98c97c03e451d05f4ebac358e197617ab9d9b71f
1 file changed