fix(errata): workaround for Cortex A78 AE erratum 2395408

Cortex A78 AE erratum 2395408 is a Cat B erratum that applies
to revisions <= r0p1. It is still open.

This erratum states, "A translation table walk that matches an
existing L1 prefetch with a read request outstanding on CHI might
fold into the prefetch, which might lead to data corruption for
a future instruction fetch"

This erratum is avoided by setting CPUACTLR2_EL1[40] to 1 to
disable folding of demand requests into older prefetches with
L2 miss requests outstanding.

SDEN is available at

Signed-off-by: Varun Wadekar <>
Change-Id: Ic17968987ca3c67fa7f64211bcde6dfcb35ed5d6
5 files changed