doc: Split the User Guide into multiple files

The User Guide document has grown organically over time and
now covers a wide range of topics, making it difficult to
skim read and extract information from. Currently, it covers
these topics and maybe a couple more:

- Requirements (hardware, tools, libs)
- Checking out the repo
- Basic build instructions
- A comprehensive list of build flags
- FIP packaging
- Building specifically for Juno
- Firmware update images
- EL3 payloads
- Preloaded BL33 boot flow
- Running on FVPs
- Running on Juno

I have separated these out into a few groups that become new
documents. Broadly speaking, build instructions for the tools,
for TF-A generally, and for specific scenarios are separated.
Content relating to specific platforms (Juno and the FVPs are
Arm-specific platforms, essentially) has been moved into the
documentation that is specific to those platforms, under

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