fix(plat/socionext/synquacer): initialise CNTFRQ in Non Secure CNTBaseN

The GTimer implemented on SynQuacer has similar issue found on Juno
wherein CNTBaseN.CNTFRQ can be written but does not reflect the value
of the CNTFRQ register in CNTCTLBase frame. This doesn't follow ARM ARM
in that the value updated in CNTCTLBase.CNTFRQ is not reflected

Hence enable the workaround (applied to Juno) for SynQuacer that updates
the CNTFRQ register in the Non Secure CNTBaseN frame.

Signed-off-by: Masahisa Kojima <>
Change-Id: I5204fb57f28c0945812814f008c4905ef0882e2b
2 files changed