Add image_id to bl1_plat_handle_post/pre_image_load()

This patch adds an argument to bl1_plat_post/pre_image_load() APIs
to make it more future proof. The default implementation of
these are moved to `plat_bl1_common.c` file.

These APIs are now invoked appropriately in the FWU code path prior
to or post image loading by BL1 and are not restricted

The patch also reorganizes some common platform files. The previous
`plat_bl2_el3_common.c` and `platform_helpers_default.c` files are
merged into a new `plat_bl_common.c` file.

NOTE: The addition of an argument to the above mentioned platform APIs
is not expected to have a great impact because these APIs were only
recently added and are unlikely to be used.

Change-Id: I0519caaee0f774dd33638ff63a2e597ea178c453
Signed-off-by: Soby Mathew <>
9 files changed