fix(gicv3): add dsb in both disable and enable function of gicv3_cpuif

A RAS error may be triggered while offline core in OS. Error:
Uncorrected software error in the Distributor, with IERR=9,SERR=f.
Core put to sleep before its Group enables were cleared.

gicv3_cpuif_disable() will be called in offline core flow.
According to GIC architecture version 3 and version 4:
Architectural execution of a DSB instruction guarantees that
the last value written to ICC_IGRPEN0_EL1, ICC_IGRPEN1_EL1,
ICC_IGRPEN1_EL3 or GICC_CTLR.{EnableGrp0, EnableGrp1}is observed
by the associated Redistributor.
An ISB or other context synchronization operation must precede
the DSB to ensure visibility of System register writes.

Signed-off-by: Ming Huang <>
Change-Id: Iff1475657f401374c761b5e8f2f5b3a4b2040e9d
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