Split platform.h into separate headers

Previously, platform.h contained many declarations and definitions
used for different purposes. This file has been split so that:

* Platform definitions used by common code that must be defined
  by the platform are now in platform_def.h. The exact include
  path is exported through $PLAT_INCLUDES in the platform makefile.

* Platform definitions specific to the FVP platform are now in

* Platform API declarations specific to the FVP platform are now
  in /plat/fvp/fvp_private.h.

* The remaining platform API declarations that must be ported by
  each platform are still in platform.h but this file has been
  moved to /include/plat/common since this can be shared by all

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ARM Trusted Firmware - version 0.3

ARM Trusted Firmware provides a reference implementation of secure world software for ARMv8-A, including Exception Level 3 (EL3) software. This release focuses on support for ARM's [Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs)] FVP.

The intent is to provide a reference implementation of various ARM interface standards, such as the Power State Coordination Interface (PSCI), Trusted Board Boot Requirements (TBBR) and [Secure Monitor] TEE-SMC code. As far as possible the code is designed for reuse or porting to other ARMv8-A model and hardware platforms.

This release builds on the previous source code release, which has been available in source and binary form since the [Linaro AArch64 OpenEmbedded 13.11 Engineering Build] AArch64 LEB. These support the Base FVP platform models from ARM.

ARM will continue development in collaboration with interested parties to provide a full reference implementation of PSCI, TBBR and Secure Monitor code to the benefit of all developers working with ARMv8-A TrustZone software.


The software is provided under a BSD 3-Clause license. Certain source files are derived from FreeBSD code: the original license is included in these source files.

This Release

This release is an incomplete implementation of the Trusted Firmware. Only limited functionality is provided at present and it has not been optimized or subjected to extended robustness or stress testing.


  • Initial implementation of a subset of the Trusted Board Boot Requirements Platform Design Document (PDD). This includes packaging the various firmware images into a Firmware Image Package (FIP) to be loaded from non-volatile storage.

  • Initializes the secure world (for example, exception vectors, control registers, GIC and interrupts for the platform), before transitioning into the normal world.

  • Supports both GICv2 and GICv3 initialization for use by normal world software.

  • Starts the normal world at the highest available Exception Level: EL2 if available, otherwise EL1.

  • Handles SMCs (Secure Monitor Calls) conforming to the [SMC Calling Convention PDD] SMCCC using an EL3 runtime services framework.

  • Handles SMCs relating to the [Power State Coordination Interface PDD] PSCI for the Secondary CPU Boot, CPU hotplug and CPU idle use-cases.

  • A Test Secure-EL1 Payload and Dispatcher to demonstrate Secure Monitor functionality such as world switching and EL1 context management. This also demonstrates Secure-EL1 interaction with PSCI. Some of this functionality is provided in library form for re-use by other Secure-EL1 Payload Dispatchers.

For a full list of updated functionality and implementation details, please see the User Guide. The Change Log provides details of changes made since the last release.


This release of the Trusted Firmware has been tested on the following ARM FVPs (64-bit versions only):

  • Foundation_v8 (Version 2.0, Build 0.8.5206)
  • FVP_Base_AEMv8A-AEMv8A (Version 5.4, Build 0.8.5405)
  • FVP_Base_Cortex-A57x4-A53x4 (Version 5.4, Build 0.8.5405)
  • FVP_Base_Cortex-A57x1-A53x1 (Version 5.4, Build 0.8.5405)

The Foundation FVP can be downloaded free of charge. The Base FVPs can be licensed from ARM: see [www.arm.com/fvp] FVP.

Still to Come

  • Complete implementation of the PSCI specification.

  • Secure memory, Secure interrupts and support for other types of Secure-EL1 Payloads.

  • Booting the firmware from a Virtio block device.

  • Completing the currently experimental GICv3 support.

For a full list of detailed issues in the current code, please see the Change Log and the GitHub issue tracker.

Getting Started

Get the Trusted Firmware source code from GitHub.

See the User Guide for instructions on how to install, build and use the Trusted Firmware with the ARM FVPs.

See the Firmware Design for information on how the ARM Trusted Firmware works.

See the Porting Guide as well for information about how to use this software on another ARMv8-A platform.

See the Contributing Guidelines for information on how to contribute to this project and the Acknowledgements file for a list of contributors to the project.

Feedback and support

ARM welcomes any feedback on the Trusted Firmware. Please send feedback using the GitHub issue tracker.

ARM licensees may contact ARM directly via their partner managers.

Copyright (c) 2013-2014, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.