fix(errata): workaround for DSU-110 erratum 2313941

DSU-110 erratum 2313941 is a Cat B erratum and applies to revisions
r0p0, r1p0, r2p0, r2p1, r3p0, r3p1 and is still open.

The workaround sets IMP_CLUSTERACTLR_EL1[16:15] bits to 0b11 to disable
clock gating of the SCLK domain. This will increase the idle power

This patch applies the fix for Cortex-X2/A510/A710 and Neoverse N2.

SDEN can be found here:

Signed-off-by: Bipin Ravi <>
Change-Id: I54d948b23e8e01aaf1898ed9fe4e2255dd209318
Signed-off-by: Bipin Ravi <>
8 files changed