fix(xilinx): fix mismatching function prototype

The reported function raises a error when compilers assert the flag
`-Warray-parameter=`, signaling that an array-type argument was promoted
to a pointer-type argument. We observed this behaviour with the gcc 11.2

plat/xilinx/common/pm_service/pm_ipi.c:263:34: error: argument 1 of type 'uint32_t *'
{aka 'unsigned int *'} declared as a pointer [-Werror=array-parameter=]
263 | uint32_t calculate_crc(uint32_t *payload, uint32_t bufsize)
      |                        ~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~
In file included from plat/xilinx/common/pm_service/pm_ipi.c:16:
plat/xilinx/common/include/pm_ipi.h:30:33: note: previously declared as an array 'uint32_t[8]'
{aka 'unsigned int[8]'}
   30 | uint32_t calculate_crc(uint32_t payload[PAYLOAD_ARG_CNT], uint32_t buffersize);
      |                        ~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
cc1.real: all warnings being treated as errors

Signed-off-by: Venkatesh Yadav Abbarapu <>
Change-Id: I7329f2e76ee0ca5faba71eb50babd20a796fee64
1 file changed