fix(amu): add default value for ENABLE_FEAT_FGT and ENABLE_FEAT_ECV flags

ENABLE_FEAT_FGT and ENABLE_FEAT_ECV macros are used to access
HDFGRTR_EL2 and CNTPOFF_EL2 registers respectively. These flags are set
to true for v8.6 and upwards and are not handled explicitly for lower
architecture versions.

This patch adds definitive default value to these build macros, so that
for v8.5 and below, they are not overridden and set to true by the gcc.

Signed-off-by: Jayanth Dodderi Chidanand <>
Change-Id: Ic300194c8ad77558be9a0e00153e42185bf2c58c
1 file changed