build: clarify linker script generation

The following build system variables have been renamed:


These new names better reflect how each variable is used:

1. the default linker script is passed via `-dT` instead of `-T`
2. linker script source files are first preprocessed

Additionally, linker scripts are now placed in the build directory
relative to where they exist in the source directory. For example,
the `bl32/sp_min/sp_min.ld.S` would now preprocess to
`sp_min/sp_min.ld` instead of just `bl32.ld`

 `<IMAGE_LINKERFILE>` build system variables have been renamed. See the
 commit message for more information.

Change-Id: If8cef65dcb8820e8993736702c8741e97a66e6cc
Signed-off-by: Chris Kay <>
10 files changed