feat(gicv3): detect GICv4 feature at runtime

At the moment we have a GIC_ENABLE_V4_EXTN build time variable to
determine whether the GIC interrupt controller is compliant to version
4.0 of the spec or not. This just changes the number of 64K MMIO pages
we expect per redistributor.

To support firmware builds which run on variable systems (emulators,
fast model or FPGAs), let's make this decision at runtime.
The GIC specification provides several architected flags to learn the
size of the MMIO frame per redistributor, we use GICR_TYPER[VLPI] here.

Provide a (static inline) function to return the size of each
We keep the GIC_ENABLE_V4_EXTN build time variable around, but change
its meaning to enable this autodetection code. Systems not defining this
rely on a "pure" GICv3 (as before), but platforms setting it to "1" can
now deal with both configurations.

Change-Id: I9ede4acf058846157a0a9e2ef6103bf07c7655d9
Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@arm.com>
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