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* Copyright (c) 2013-2022, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#ifndef TSP_H
#define TSP_H
* SMC function IDs that TSP uses to signal various forms of completions
* to the secure payload dispatcher.
#define TSP_ENTRY_DONE 0xf2000000
#define TSP_ON_DONE 0xf2000001
#define TSP_OFF_DONE 0xf2000002
#define TSP_SUSPEND_DONE 0xf2000003
#define TSP_RESUME_DONE 0xf2000004
#define TSP_PREEMPTED 0xf2000005
#define TSP_ABORT_DONE 0xf2000007
#define TSP_SYSTEM_OFF_DONE 0xf2000008
#define TSP_SYSTEM_RESET_DONE 0xf2000009
* Function identifiers to handle S-EL1 interrupt through the synchronous
* handling model. If the TSP was previously interrupted then control has to
* be returned to the TSPD after handling the interrupt else execution can
* remain in the TSP.
#define TSP_HANDLED_S_EL1_INTR 0xf2000006
/* SMC function ID that TSP uses to request service from secure monitor */
#define TSP_GET_ARGS 0xf2001000
* Identifiers for various TSP services. Corresponding function IDs (whether
* fast or yielding) are generated by macros defined below
#define TSP_ADD 0x2000
#define TSP_SUB 0x2001
#define TSP_MUL 0x2002
#define TSP_DIV 0x2003
#define TSP_CHECK_DIT 0x2005
* Identify a TSP service from function ID filtering the last 16 bits from the
* SMC function ID
#define TSP_BARE_FID(fid) ((fid) & 0xffff)
* Generate function IDs for TSP services to be used in SMC calls, by
* appropriately setting bit 31 to differentiate yielding and fast SMC calls
#define TSP_YIELD_FID(fid) ((TSP_BARE_FID(fid) | 0x72000000))
#define TSP_FAST_FID(fid) ((TSP_BARE_FID(fid) | 0x72000000) | (1u << 31))
/* SMC function ID to request a previously preempted yielding smc */
* SMC function ID to request abortion of a previously preempted yielding SMC. A
* fast SMC is used so that the TSP abort handler does not have to be
* reentrant.
#define TSP_FID_ABORT TSP_FAST_FID(0x3001)
* Total number of function IDs implemented for services offered to NS clients.
* The function IDs are defined above
#define TSP_NUM_FID 0x5
/* TSP implementation version numbers */
#define TSP_VERSION_MAJOR 0x0 /* Major version */
#define TSP_VERSION_MINOR 0x1 /* Minor version */
* Standard Trusted OS Function IDs that fall under Trusted OS call range
* according to SMC calling convention
#define TOS_CALL_COUNT 0xbf00ff00 /* Number of calls implemented */
#define TOS_UID 0xbf00ff01 /* Implementation UID */
/* 0xbf00ff02 is reserved */
#define TOS_CALL_VERSION 0xbf00ff03 /* Trusted OS Call Version */
#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
#include <stdint.h>
typedef uint32_t tsp_vector_isn_t;
typedef struct tsp_vectors {
tsp_vector_isn_t yield_smc_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t fast_smc_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t cpu_on_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t cpu_off_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t cpu_resume_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t cpu_suspend_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t sel1_intr_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t system_off_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t system_reset_entry;
tsp_vector_isn_t abort_yield_smc_entry;
} tsp_vectors_t;
void tsp_setup(void);
#endif /* __ASSEMBLER__ */
#endif /* TSP_H */