fix(arm_fpga): streamline generated axf file

For convenience we let the build system generate an ELF file (named
bl31.axf), containing all the trampolines, BL31 code and the DTB in one
file. This can be fed directly into the FPGA payload tool, and it will
load the bits at the right addresses.
Since this ELF file is more used as a "container with load addresses",
there is no need for normal ELF features like alignment or a symbol

Remove unnecessary sections from that output file, by doing a static
"link", dropping the NOBITS stacks section, and by adding "-n" to the
linker command line (to avoid page alignment). This trims the generated
.axf file, and makes it smaller.

Change-Id: I5768543101d667fb4a3b70e60b08cfe970d2a2b6
Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <>
2 files changed