feat(partition): make provision to store partition GUID value

The FWU multi bank feature supports multiple partitions or banks of
firmware components, where a platform can support having an active and
a backup partition(bank) of firmware images to boot from. This feature
identifies the images in a given bank using image GUID's --
this GUID value corresponds to the UniquePartitionGUID value used to
uniquely identify a GPT partition.

To support identification of images, add a member to the
partition_entry structure to store the UniquePartitionGUID value of
the GPT partition entry. This value is subsequently used to select the
firmware image to boot in a multi partition setup.

Signed-off-by: Sughosh Ganu <sughosh.ganu@linaro.org>
Change-Id: I2d235467ce7a7f20ebc1cef4db09924a5282e714
1 file changed