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* Copyright (c) 2018, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
* If a platform wishes to use the functions in this file it has to be added to
* the Makefile of the platform. It is not included in the common Makefile.
#include <asm_macros.S>
#include <drivers/console.h>
.globl plat_crash_console_init
.globl plat_crash_console_putc
.globl plat_crash_console_flush
/* -----------------------------------------------------
* int plat_crash_console_init(void)
* Use normal console by default. Switch it to crash
* mode so serial consoles become active again.
* NOTE: This default implementation will only work for
* crashes that occur after a normal console (marked
* valid for the crash state) has been registered with
* the console framework. To debug crashes that occur
* earlier, the platform has to override these functions
* with an implementation that initializes a console
* driver with hardcoded parameters. See
* docs/porting-guide.rst for more information.
* -----------------------------------------------------
func plat_crash_console_init
#if defined(IMAGE_BL1)
* BL1 code can possibly crash so early that the data segment is not yet
* accessible. Don't risk undefined behavior by trying to run the normal
* console framework. Platforms that want to debug BL1 will need to
* override this with custom functions that can run from registers only.
mov r0, #0
bx lr
#else /* IMAGE_BL1 */
mov r3, lr
bl console_switch_state
mov r0, #1
bx r3
endfunc plat_crash_console_init
/* -----------------------------------------------------
* void plat_crash_console_putc(int character)
* Output through the normal console by default.
* -----------------------------------------------------
func plat_crash_console_putc
b console_putc
endfunc plat_crash_console_putc
/* -----------------------------------------------------
* void plat_crash_console_flush(void)
* Flush normal console by default.
* -----------------------------------------------------
func plat_crash_console_flush
b console_flush
endfunc plat_crash_console_flush