fix(stm32mp1): fdts: stm32mp1: align DDR regulators with new driver

With recent changes, TF-A now panics on MC-1, Avenger96 and Odyssey:

  NOTICE:  CPU: STM32MP157C?? Rev.B
  NOTICE:  Model: Linux Automation MC-1 board
  ERROR:   regul ldo3: max value 750 is invalid
  PANIC at PC : 0x2ffeebb7

as the driver takes great offense at the content of the device
tree. The parts in question were copy-pasted from ST DTs, but
those ST DTs were fixed by commit 67d95409baae
("refactor(stm32mp1-fdts): update regulator description").

Fix the breakage by transplanting the same changes into all
remaining STM32MP1 DTs.

Change was boot-tested on MC-1, but only build tested for the
other two.

Fixes: bba9fdee589f ("feat(stm32mp1): add regulator framework compilation")
Signed-off-by: Ahmad Fatoum <>
Change-Id: I143d0091625f62c313b3b71449c9ad99583d01c8
3 files changed