BL2: Print ID of images we fail loading

When Trusted Boot is enabled, images are loaded and authenticated
following up the root of trust. This means that between the initial
console message saying that an image is being loaded, and the final one
where it says that it failed to load it, BL2 may print several messages
about other images on the chain of trust being loaded, thus it is not
always clear which image we failed loading at the end of the day.

Change-Id: I3b189ec9d12c2a6203d16c8dbbb4fc117639c3c1
Signed-off-by: Sandrine Bailleux <>
diff --git a/bl2/bl2_image_load_v2.c b/bl2/bl2_image_load_v2.c
index dd53e1d..1fbdbab 100644
--- a/bl2/bl2_image_load_v2.c
+++ b/bl2/bl2_image_load_v2.c
@@ -68,7 +68,8 @@
 			err = load_auth_image(bl2_node_info->image_id,
 			if (err) {
-				ERROR("BL2: Failed to load image (%i)\n", err);
+				ERROR("BL2: Failed to load image id %d (%i)\n",
+				      bl2_node_info->image_id, err);
 		} else {