Introduce the new BL handover interface

This patch introduces a new BL handover interface. It essentially allows
passing 4 arguments between the different BL stages. Effort has been made
so as to be compatible with the previous handover interface. The previous
blx_early_platform_setup() platform API is now deprecated and the new
blx_early_platform_setup2() variant is introduced. The weak compatiblity
implementation for the new API is done in the `plat_bl_common.c` file.
Some of the new arguments in the new API will be reserved for generic
code use when dynamic configuration support is implemented. Otherwise
the other registers are available for platform use.

Change-Id: Ifddfe2ea8e32497fe1beb565cac155ad9d50d404
Signed-off-by: Soby Mathew <>
9 files changed