feat(rme): set DRAM information in Boot Manifest platform data

This patch adds support for setting configuration of DRAM banks
for FVP model in RMM-EL3 Boot Manifest structure.
Structure 'rmm_manifest' is extended with 'plat_dram' structure
which contains information about platform's DRAM layout:
- number of DRAM banks;
- pointer to 'dram_bank[]' array;
- check sum: two's complement 64-bit value of the sum of
  data in 'plat_dram' and 'dram_bank[] array.
Each 'dram_bank' structure holds information about DRAM
bank base address and its size. This values must be aligned
to 4KB page size.
The patch increases Boot Manifest minor version to 2 and
removes 'typedef rmm_manifest_t' as per
" Avoid anonymous typedefs of structs/enums in headers" of

Signed-off-by: AlexeiFedorov <Alexei.Fedorov@arm.com>
Change-Id: I5176caa5780e27d1e0daeb5dea3e40cf6ad5fd12
10 files changed