feat(zynqmp): bump up version of query_data API

As per the current code base, the version of the PM_QUERY_DATA EEMI
API is 2 in the Versal but in ZynqMP it returns the base version.

Since this EEMI API ID support similar functionality for Versal and
ZynqMP, hence there should not be any difference in the versioning
as well.

In version 2, the feature check API supports the bitmask functionality
of the QUERY_DATA API, so the user can query the supported QUERY_DATA
ID first and if the ID is supported then the user can perform the
actual functionality of the same.

Hence, bump up the version of PM_QUERY_DATA API Id to 2.

Signed-off-by: Ronak Jain <ronak.jain@amd.com>
Change-Id: I3ed7b090f486dca591352131ca286018bbb1c4be
2 files changed