Merge changes from topic "new_ls1043a" into integration

* changes:
  docs(maintainers): update nxp layerscape maintainers
  docs(plat/nxp/layerscape): add ls1043a soc and board support
  feat(plat/nxp/ls1043ardb): add ls1043ardb board support
  feat(plat/nxp/ls1043a): add ls1043a soc support
  refactor(plat/ls1043): remove old implementation for platform ls1043
  feat(nxp/driver/dcfg): add some macro definition
  fix(nxp/common/setup): increase soc name maximum length
  feat(nxp/common/errata): add SoC erratum a008850
  feat(nxp/driver/tzc380): add tzc380 platform driver support
  feat(tzc380): add sub-region register definition
  feat(nxp/common/io): add ifc nor and nand as io devices
  feat(nxp/driver/ifc_nand): add IFC NAND flash driver
  feat(nxp/driver/ifc_nor): add IFC nor flash driver
  feat(nxp/driver/csu): add bypass bit mask definition
  feat(nxp/driver/dcfg): add gic address align register definition
  feat(nxp/common/rcpm): add RCPM2 registers definition
  fix(nxp/common/setup): fix total dram size checking
  feat(nxp/common): add CORTEX A53 helper functions