fix(zynqmp): update the conflicting EEMI API IDs

In the ZynqMP, 0x36 EEMI API ID is used for PM_FPGA_GET_VERSION and 0x37
is used for PM_FPGA_GET_FEATURE_LIST. The same ID numbers in the Versal
are used for PM_ADD_SUBSYSTEM and PM_DESTROY_SUBSYSTEM and it leads to
the EEMI API ID conflict between the platforms. To fix this issue this
API ID's to 0x48 and 0x49.

In linux zynqmp_pm_fpga_get_version() and
zynqmp_pm_fpga_get_feature_list() API's are uses PM_FPGA_GET_VERSION
and PM_FPGA_GET_FEATURE_LIST to get the xilfpga version and
xilfpga-supported feature list info. These API's are called only in
zynqmp-fpga.c as part of the probe. In case of this caller API's are
failed it will fall to the default feature list and this default
feature list is same as latest xilfpga-supported feature list (No new
feature was added in the xilfpga after adding these APIs). So, these
updated IDs will not cause any functional issues between Linux, TF-A,
and firmware components.

Signed-off-by: Nava kishore Manne <>
Change-Id: I14d974dd44651681ecbf726ad8b6940e1850cbec
1 file changed