Changes necessary to support SEPARATE_NOBITS_REGION feature

Since BL31 PROGBITS and BL31 NOBITS sections are going to be
in non-adjacent memory regions, potentially far from each other,
some fixes are needed to support it completely.

1. adr instruction only allows computing the effective address
of a location only within 1MB range of the PC. However, adrp
instruction together with an add permits position independent
address of any location with 4GB range of PC.

2. Since BL31 _RW_END_ marks the end of BL31 image, care must be
taken that it is aligned to page size since we map this memory
region in BL31 using xlat_v2 lib utils which mandate alignment of
image size to page granularity.

Change-Id: I3451cc030d03cb2032db3cc088f0c0e2c84bffda
Signed-off-by: Madhukar Pappireddy <>
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