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Support & Contact
We welcome any feedback on |TF-A| and there are several methods for providing
it or for obtaining support.
.. warning::
If you think you have found a security vulnerability, please report this using
the process defined in the :ref:`Security Handling` document.
Mailing Lists
Public mailing lists for TF-A and the wider Trusted Firmware project are
hosted on The mailing lists can be used for general
enquiries, enhancement requests and issue reports, or to follow and participate
in technical or organizational discussions around the project. These discussions
include design proposals, advance notice of changes and upcoming events.
The relevant lists for the TF-A project are:
- `TF-A development`_
- `TF-A-Tests development`_
You can see a `summary of all the lists`_ on the website.
Open Tech Forum Call
Every other week, we organize a call with all interested TF-A contributors.
Anyone is welcome to join. This is an opportunity to discuss any technical
topic within the community. More details can be found `here`_.
.. _here:
Issue Tracker
Bug reports may be filed on the `issue tracker`_ on the
website. Using this tracker gives everyone visibility of the known issues in
Arm Licensees
Arm licensees have an additional support conduit - they may contact Arm directly
via their partner managers.
.. _`issue tracker`:
.. _`TF-A development`:
.. _`TF-A-Tests development`:
.. _`summary of all the lists`:
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