feat(plat/fvp): add memory map for FVP platform for FEAT_RME

When FEAT_RME is enabled, memory is divided into four Physical
Address Spaces (PAS): Root, Realm, Secure and Non-secure.
This patch introduces new carveouts for the Trusted SRAM and DRAM
for the FVP platform accordingly.

The following new regions are introduced with this change:

ARM_MAP_L0_GPT_REGION: Trusted SRAM region used to store Level 0
Granule Protection Table (GPT). This region resides in the Root PAS.

ARM_MAP_GPT_L1_DRAM: DRAM region used to store Level 1 GPT. It
resides in the Root PAS.

ARM_MAP_RMM_DRAM: DRAM region used to store RMM image. It
resides in the Realm PAS.

The L0 GPT is stored on Trusted SRAM next to firmware configuration
memory. The DRAM carveout when RME is enable is modified as follow:

    		|                  |
    		|  AP TZC (~28MB)  |
    		|                  |
    		|  REALM (32MB)    |
    		|                  |
    		|  EL3 TZC (3MB)   |
    		| L1 GPT + SCP TZC |
    		|     (~1MB)       |
    0xFFFF_FFFF	--------------------

During initialization of the TrustZone controller, Root regions
are configured as Secure regions. Then they are later reconfigured
to Root upon GPT initialization.

Signed-off-by: Zelalem Aweke <zelalem.aweke@arm.com>
Change-Id: If2e257141d51f51f715b70d4a06f18af53607254
7 files changed