refactor(security): add OpenSSL 1.x compatibility

When updated to work with OpenSSL 3.0, the host tools lost their
compatibility with previous versions (1.x) of OpenSSL. This is
mainly due to the fact that 1.x APIs became deprecated in 3.0 and
therefore their use cause compiling errors. In addition, updating
for a newer version of OpenSSL meant improving the stability
against security threats. However, although version 1.1.1 is
now deprecated, it still receives security updates, so it would
not imply major security issues to keep compatibility with it too.

This patch adds backwards compatibility with OpenSSL 1.x versions
by adding back 1.x API code. It defines a macro USING_OPENSSL3,
which will select the appropriate OpenSSL API version depending on
the OpenSSL library path chosen (which is determined by the
already-existing OPENSSL_DIR variable).

In addition, cleanup items were packed in functions and moved to
the proper modules in order to make the code more maintainable and

Signed-off-by: Juan Pablo Conde <>
Change-Id: I8deceb5e419edc73277792861882404790ccd33c
15 files changed