fix(plat/marvell/a3k): Fix building uart-images.tgz.bin archive

For UART secure boot it is required also TIMN image, so pack it into
uart-images.tgz.bin archive which is created by mrvl_uart target.

$(TIMN_IMAGE) and $(TIM_IMAGE) variables are used only for UART images
so their content needs to be initialized from $(TIMN_UART_CFG) and
$(TIM_UART_CFG) config files. And not from $(TIMN_CFG) and $(TIM_CFG) as
it is now because they are not generated during mrvl_uart target. Fix it
to allow building mrvl_uart target before mrvl_flash target.

To match usage of these variables, rename them to $(TIMN_UART_IMAGE) and

To not complicate rule for building uart-images.tgz.bin archive, set
list of image files into a new $(UART_IMAGES) variable.

Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <>
Change-Id: I83b980abb4047a3afb3ce3026842e1d873c490bf
1 file changed