Increase type widths to satisfy width requirements

Usually, C has no problem up-converting types to larger bit sizes. MISRA
rule 10.7 requires that you not do this, or be very explicit about this.
This resolves the following required rule:

    bl1/aarch64/bl1_context_mgmt.c:81:[MISRA C-2012 Rule 10.7 (required)]<None>
    The width of the composite expression "0U | ((mode & 3U) << 2U) | 1U |
    0x3c0U" (32 bits) is less that the right hand operand
    "18446744073709547519ULL" (64 bits).

This also resolves MISRA defects such as:

    bl2/aarch64/bl2arch_setup.c:18:[MISRA C-2012 Rule 12.2 (required)]
    In the expression "3U << 20", shifting more than 7 bits, the number
    of bits in the essential type of the left expression, "3U", is
    not allowed.

Further, MISRA requires that all shifts don't overflow. The definition of
PAGE_SIZE was (1U << 12), and 1U is 8 bits. This caused about 50 issues.
This fixes the violation by changing the definition to 1UL << 12. Since
this uses 32bits, it should not create any issues for aarch32.

This patch also contains a fix for a build failure in the sun50i_a64
platform. Specifically, these misra fixes removed a single and

    92407e73        and     x19, x19, #0xffffffff

from the cm_setup_context function caused a relocation in
psci_cpus_on_start to require a linker-generated stub. This increased the
size of the .text section and caused an alignment later on to go over a
page boundary and round up to the end of RAM before placing the .data
section. This sectionn is of non-zero size and therefore causes a link

The fix included in this reorders the functions during link time
without changing their ording with respect to alignment.

Change-Id: I76b4b662c3d262296728a8b9aab7a33b02087f16
Signed-off-by: Jimmy Brisson <>
20 files changed