fix(cpufeat): make stub enable functions "static inline"

For builds where we don't have a certain feature enabled, we provide
empty stub xxx_enable() functions in a header file. This way we
avoid #ifdef's in the code, and can call the enable function
unconditionally. When compiling with -O1 or higher, the compiler will
even optimise out the whole call, so the symbol will never make it into
any object file.
When compiling with optimisations turned off, the function stub will
survive, and could make it into multiple object files, which would lead
to a multiple definitons error.

Avoid this by defining those stub functions as "static inline". The
"static" will avoid the multiple definitions problems, the "inline" will
avoid a potential compiler warning about unused functions.
This patterns is used extensively in the Linux kernel.

Change-Id: Iad07bb946aab372587c83f2423b4983bf3817990
Reported-by: Chris Kay <>
Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <>
5 files changed