feat(arm_fpga): query PL011 to learn system frequency

The Arm FPGAs run in mostly one clock domain, which is used for the CPU
cores, the generic timer, and also the UART baudrate base clock. This
single clock can have different rates, to compensate for different IP
complexity. So far most images used 10 MHz, but different rates start to

To avoid patching both the arch timer frequency and UART baud base fixed
clock in the DTB manually, we would like to set the clock rate
automatically. Fortunately the SCP firmware has the actual clock rate
hard coded, and already programs the PL011 UART baud divider register
with the correct value to achieve a 38400 bps baudrate.

So read the two PL011 baudrate divider values and re-calculate the
original base clock from there, to use as the arch timer frequency. If
the arch timer DT node contains a clock-frequency property, we use that
instead, to support overriding and disabling this autodetection.

Change-Id: I9857fbb418deb4644aeb2816f1102796f9bfd3bb
Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@arm.com>
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