feat(plat/arm): add GPT initialization code for Arm platforms

When RME is enabled, during configuration of the TrustZone controller,
Root regions are initially configured as Secure regions, and Realm
regions as Non-secure regions. Then later these regions are configured
as Root and Realm regions respectively in the GPT. According to the RME
architecture reference manual, Root firmware must ensure that Granule
Protection Check is enabled before enabling any stage of translation.
Therefore initializations are done as follows when RME is enabled :

Initialize/enable the TrustZone controller (plat_arm_security_setup) -->
Initialize/enable GPC (arm_bl2_plat_gpt_setup) -->
enable MMU (enable_mmu_el3)

Signed-off-by: Zelalem Aweke <zelalem.aweke@arm.com>
Change-Id: I91094e8259079437bee02de1f65edb9ad51e43cf
3 files changed